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Reflecting on the light side and the dark side of the life of a road musician, this album moves through the moods of real country music, from light-hearted "party" music like Tele-Pickin' Bandit to humourous songs to lovin' & losin' and the pain of the musician's life (The Road).  

Listen for flavours of Ricky Scaggs, Jerry Reed and George Jones.  

Released in 2009 as the country side of the double album "50" to commemorate my 50th year as an entertainer. This album is dedicated to the members of the Brotherhood of Telecaster Bandits (the BTB) still out there on the road picking and trying hard to grin.  

Tele-Pickin' Bandit Album:  $12.00 Canadian ($10.00 US)

Click on any SONG TITLE to hear that track.  Ready to buy?  Download the Order Form  (or download the full Catalogue to have all the album info in print form).   

Tele-Pickin' Bandit (2:58):  Good-for-nothing, no-account Tele-pickin' bandit, playing in a four-piece Bandit band...  Light-hearted, mid-speed country rock about the road and the pickers who travel it.  Title track for my country album commemorating my 50th year (sheesh!) as an entertainer.  I can't be that old, can I?

Party At The Honky-Tonk  (1:58):  There's a party at the honky-tonk / I'm havin' a ball, might not go home at all... Lively honky-tonk with fun vocal.  Loud and rowdy with distorted lead guitar and fast country-rock feel.  There's a party at the honky-tonk and I don't want to miss a minute!

Leaving Time (4:19): You won't see me any more / if I can just get through that door...  A song about loving someone and having to leave anyway.  Extended Canadiana country-rock ballad, slow and sad with a bit of a rock feel in the guitars and arrangement.

Crawdad (2:30): Yonder comes a man with a sack on his back / you know he's got more crawdads than he can pack...  Fast rockabilly version of the traditional bluegrass standard "Crawdad Hole".  Has the feel of a casual jam.

I Hate Trains (2:33): I drove her to the station in my pickup truck, I watched her get on board / she had a one-way ticket - said it's all she can afford ...  Fun country novelty track about all the things a guy's baby used to mess him up.  Upbeat country comedy at its silliest.

Bad Winter (2:40): It used to be springtime in my heart / winter set in when we fell apart...  Real country vocal about losing, with a Ricky Skaggs feel to the instrumentation. Twin lead guitars play in a call-and-response style.

Sho 'Nuff Instrumental (2:19): A little fun bluegrass instrumental with a ringing tone, a touch of 50s rock and a bit of Travis picking.  Obviously Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins have nothing to worry about but I had fun doing it.

This Side Of Lonesome (3:00):  It seems I'm alone now more than most would choose / on this side of lonesome, just me and the blues...  When love dies, some go crazy and some just go home.  Slow country weeper proves once again that real country music is all about the blues.

The Fool In The Mirror (3:45): Oh, I'd be all right if I couldn't see / that fool in the mirror who looks just like me...  Slow, sad waltz-time cry-in-your-beer country.  Has the feel of a classic George Jones song.

Kelly Called (3:12):  I thought my world would mend / some day we could be friends...  Sometimes you think it's over - yet you're surprised to see that it really is.  Medium-slow country ballad about loving and losing - again.  Medium beat and a wistful feel.

Hellbound Ghost (2:53):  Something in my soul dies a-borning / I'm movin' on, I'm movin' on...  Mid-tempo yet dark and moody country song about the demons who plague us all at times.  Real - and a bit spooky.

The Road (3:29):  Don't matter where you're going, where you might have been / thumbing through the phone book just to see what town you're in...  There's been a lot written about musicians on the road, most of it over-romanticized.  This is the real story of what the road is like if you're not a big star.  Slow, moody acoustic country, a bit eerie - Bob Seger goes country, with a touch of the Eagles.

Tele-Pickin' Bandit album | Dusty Woods.

"Tele-Pickin' Bandit" album arranged, performed, produced, manufactured, and distributed by R.J. "Dusty" Woods.  All songs ©2009 Ronald J. Woods, all rights reserved.  This compilation ©2009 Ronald J. Woods, all rights reserved.  Graphics ©2009 Jeri-Lynn Woods, all rights reserved.  Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.  Made in Canada.

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