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Still standing after all these years... it's about hard times and tough knocks and keepin' on going.  Dusty's second blues album takes you to the Wrong Side of Midnight with a wailin' Tele.  

These blues range from laid-back twelve-bar blues (Flirtin' With The Blues) to a touch of 20s vaudeville-style blues (Too Early Blues), plus a tribute to the late, great Ray Charles in Blues For Brother Ray.

Still standing Album: $12.00 Canadian ($10.00 US)

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Twilight Blues (4:30): Take a slow stroll in the twilight with this mellow, laid-back instrumental blues.  Sun's going down and the evening is calm.  Shows that blues music doesn't have to be sad.

Whiskey And Women (2:47): Whiskey and women / don't you know they're killin' me….  Mournful, minor-key 12-bar blues with a rock beat.

Too Early Blues (2:27):  It's much too early for you to go home / it's a beautiful evenin', I hate to spend it alone… Light and cheerful acoustic country blues. Reminiscent of early (20's and 30's) vaudeville, sounds almost like an early radio broadcast.  Really - it's MUCH too early for you to go home.  Trust

Blues For Brother Ray (5:15): Extended instrumental blues with slow blues/gospel beat and a touch
of Amazing Grace. A tribute to the late, great Ray Charles, written on the day he died.

Flirtin' With The Blues (4:25): When a man lose his woman, no tellin' what he might do… Laid-back classic 12-bar blues with whimsical touches and a danceable beat.

Different Delta, Same Ol' Blues (5:36): Slow, extended delta blues instrumental with clean sound.  Sad and reflective but with a rough edge.

Hard-Lovin' Woman (3:32): The gal I'm lovin', she's so good to me / she might not be every man's cup of tea... Hard-driving blues with a rockin' vocal about love.

Homesick Blues (3:19): Laid-back instrumental blues with a complex bass line and just a hint of country flavour.  If you've ever been far from home and missing it, this one's for you.

Wah's Happenin' (3:17): Flashy lowdown blues-funk with nasty wah-wah guitar.  Lead guitar practically talks.  Part of a healthy blues breakfast.  

Stormy Blues (4:57): Bad storm's comin' / blues fallin' down like rain...  Extended, slow 12-bar blues with indigo vocals and a wailin' guitar to send chills up the spine.

New Columbus Stockade Blues (5:01): Way down in Columbus, Georgia / I want to go back to  Tennessee...  A new look at an old standard: an extended country/blues version of a traditional bluegrass song, done in a minor key. Establishes a doleful feeling.

Wrong Side Of Midnight (4:24):  Lonely streets and sidewalks, with no direction left to choose / Down to just regrets now, nothin' more to lose...  Slow extended waltz-time blues with some really tasty lead guitar and a hint of gospel instrumentation.  The Tele's wailin' tonight!

Still Standing blues album | Dusty Woods.

"Still Standing" album arranged, performed, produced, manufactured, and distributed by R.J. Woods.  "Columbus Stockade", traditional, arranged by R.J. Woods.  All other songs ©2004 R.J. Woods, all rights reserved.  This compilation ©2004 R.J. Woods, all rights reserved.  Graphics ©2004 Jeri-Lynn Woods, all rights reserved.  Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.  Made in Canada.

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