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HOME:   Honky-Tonk music from Dusty Woods - country, blues, and "Who's Dusty?".

COUNTRY MUSIC:  Dusty's "ultimate honky-tonk" SOUNDS like country music!  Here you'll find a traditional country sound with an outlaw flavour and touches of rockabilly, blues and fifties.  

THE SOUND OF LONESOME ALBUM (12 tracks):  Honky-tonk country in a nutshell!  This, the first of Dusty's country albums features cry-in-your-beer country with touches of outlaw country
and blues. 

TOO OLD TO BOOGIE, TOO YOUNG TO DIE ALBUM (12 tracks):  Dusty called this album "a country boy's Night Moves".   Especially for all the "boomers" out there (and anyone else who likes good country).

STRAIGHT UP, NO ROCKS ALBUM (12 tracks):  Solid country honky-tonk the way Dusty likes it, with cry-in-your-beer country, country rock, two-steps and a touch of swamp-rock. 

PATCHWORK ALBUM (12 tracks):  Light and lively classic country - more drinkin' and cryin' and cheatin' country with a touch of blues.   

TELE-PICKIN' BANDIT ALBUM (12 tracks):  Moving through the moods of country music, this album reflects on the light and dark sides of being a road musician.   

HONKY-TONK DAYS ALBUM (12 tracks):  Like the title track, this album describes what it was like back in Dusty's road-running days, when playing music wasn't just a living, it was fun.

A DUSTY CHRISTMAS (12 tracks):  Dusty's take on our favourite time of year, from country to rockabilly, and from traditional carols to blues.


BLUES MUSIC:   Honky-tonk covers blues as well as country!  Dusty offers you a range of originals and new takes on blues standards.  

ON THE BLUE SIDE ALBUM (12 tracks):  Dusty's first blues album takes you on a trip to the blue side of life.  Features both original blues and new takes on traditional blues songs. 

STILL STANDING ALBUM (12 tracks):  Dusty's second blues album is about hard times and tough knocks and keepin' on going, featuring a wailin' Tele. 

GYPSY BLUES ALBUM (12 tracks):  Dusty wrote the title song in honour of his Telecaster, "Gypsy".  You'll find blues styles from funky to country-blues to jazz-blues, with both original songs and covers.

RESOURCES AND LINKS:  A smorgasbord of links to interesting music sites and whatever else strikes Dusty's fancy! 

ABOUT DUSTY:  Find out more about honky-tonk musician Dusty Woods.

DUSTY'S REVIEWS:  Find out what reviewers and fans have said about Dusty's honky-tonk country.

ORDERING INFORMATION:  What you need to know about ordering Dusty's music from his Bandcamp page.

PRIVACY POLICY:  Dusty's privacy policy.

CONTACT US:  Here's how to contact Mrs. Dusty, keeper of the Dusty Woods legacy.

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