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The Ultimate Honky-Tonk music of Dusty Woods has its roots in years of bar-band experience.  Shaped by country, blues and rock 'n roll influences such as Lefty Frizell, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochrane, BB King and Muddy Waters, Dusty has always been a strong supporter of genuine honky-tonk, from traditional country to blues. Some musicians make you want to dance - Dusty makes you GOTTA dance!.


Dusty's honk tonk country music SOUNDS like country music!  Dusty's country music albums offer classic twangy honky-tonk guitar from Dusty's Telecaster, "Gypsy", a bass line that adds more than just a steady beat, and solid, original country lyrics.  As a songwriter, Dusty is a master of the "hook" and knows how to tell a story - which is the essence of country.

The Sound Of Lonesome Album:  Honky-tonk country in a nutshell!  Dusty's first album and still one of his most popular. 12 tracks of slice of life, cry-in-your-beer traditional country with touches of outlaw country and blues.  Listen for flavours of Waylon Jennings, Buddy Holly, Ricky Nelson, even a touch of BB King.

Too Old To Boogie, Too Young To Die Album:  Dusty's second album has been  described as a country boy's "Night Moves".   An album for all the "boomers" out there (and anyone else who likes good country).  Listen for flavours of Faron Young and Willie Nelson.  

Straight Up, No Rocks Album:  offers solid country honky-tonk the way Dusty likes it - straight up.  Listen for flavours of Hank Williams Jr., Merle Haggard and Dwight Yoakum.  Special note:  "Memory Lane" is dedicated to Dusty's dad, Hank Woods.  All profits from "Memory Lane" will be donated to the Alzheimer's Society.

Patchwork Album:  More drinkin' and cryin' and cheatin' country from Dusty to you!  "Patchwork" delivers light and lively traditional country with a touch of blues.  Listen for flavours of Sun Label rockabilly, bluegrass, and Sons of the Pioneers.

Tele-Pickin' Bandit album:  Reflecting on the light side and the dark side of the life of a road musician, "Tele-Pickin' Bandit" moves through the moods of country music, from light-hearted "party" music to humourous songs to lovin' and losin' and the pain of the musician's life.  Listen for flavours of Ricky Scaggs, Jerry Reed and George Jones.

Honky-Tonk Days album:  The title song of "Honky-Tonk Days" describes what it was like back in Dusty's road-running days, when playing music wasn't just a living, it was fun.  Here you'll find stone country, a humorous touch of fifties, and a chunk of blues - all the styles that make up what Dusty calls "Ultimate Honky-Tonk".  Listen for touches of New Orleans R&B, Ray Price and BB King.

A Dusty Christmas album:  Dusty does Christmas!  12 songs about our favourite time of year ranging from country to rockabilly - and from traditional carols to blues.  Be sure to check out "Milk And Cookie Blues"!


Ultimate Honky-Tonk isn’t just about country!  Blues are a natural part of honky-tonk, and Dusty’s blues albums offer you a range of originals and new takes on blues standards.  Blues is where you find songs that grab you from the first incredible note.

On The Blue Side Album:  Dusty's premiere blues album, with originals including lively Chicago blues and jazz-flavoured instrumental blues, plus new takes on a couple of traditional blues songs.  Uptown or downtown, everybody gets the blues sometimes.  

Still Standing album:    Still standing after all these years... Dusty's second blues album is about hard times and tough knocks and keepin' on going.  Includes a tribute to the late, great Ray Charles.

Gypsy Blues album:  a smorgasbord of blues styles from funky to country-blues to a jazz-blues waltz.   


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