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This is the place to find links to interesting sites, country music photos, videos, and whatever else appeals!

Links To Resources

Dustwood Media:  Dustwood Media offers services for Canadian musicians, including helping you set up your own Bandcamp page.  (Services for Canadian artists and authors also available).  Note:  owner Jeri-Lynn Woods is Mrs. Dusty. 

HostPapa:  Dusty’s websites are hosted on HostPapa, a Canadian hosting company with award-winning green web hosting at great prices!  Mrs Dusty has been using HostPapa for years and highly recommends it.

Pond5:  Interested in selling your original compositions as stock (royalty-free) music?  Pond5 is a good place to start!  Set up your own customizable Pond5 Storefront and earn a 35% royalty on all music sales.  (You'll find some of Dusty's original stock music on Mrs Dustys' Pond5 Portfolio).  Find out more about becoming a Pond5 artist.

BandCamp:  Sell your albums and merch on BandCamp!  As you can see here on Dusty's album pages, you can even add links to your Bandcamp profile to your own website.  Find out more from the Bandcamp Artist's Guide.

Johnny Cash Official Site.  For all Johnny Cash fans!  Includes news, music, movies & TV, videos, photos, a store, and a newsletter.

Merle Haggard Official Site.  For fans of the Hagg.  Music and biography.

The Copyright Website.  If you are uploading or downloading songs, images, sound bites, or anything else, you need to understand about copyright.  The Copyright Website is a great introduction to the world of copyright:  "Launched on May Day 1995, the Copyright Website strives to lubricate the machinations of information delivery. As spice is to Dune, information is to the web; the spice must flow.  Specialized information for webmasters, musicians, moviemakers, screenwriters, programmers and photographers.  General copyright information for educators, students, web-surfers, re-mixers, mash-uppers and confused citizens."

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