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Here it is at last, Dusty's 10th album!  The title song, Honky-Tonk Days, describes what it was like back in Dusty's road-running days, when playing music wasn't just a living, it was fun.  

Here you'll find stone country, a humorous touch of fifties, and a chunk of blues like Lone Frog Blues  - all the styles that make up what Dusty calls "Ultimate Honky-Tonk".  

Listen for touches of New Orleans R&B, Ray Price and BB King.

Honky-Tonk Days Album:  $12.00 Canadian ($10.00 US)

Click on any SONG TITLE to hear that track.  Ready to buy?  Download the Order Form  (or download the full Catalogue to have all the album info in print form).  

Honky-Tonk Days (2:40):  It was a honky-tonk band / four pickers in a van / headed for another place
to play...
I got thinking about the time I spent on the road with various bands and realized I miss it - the good times and bad. This nostalgic but light-hearted country-rock song is the result.

My Turn To Cry  (2:55):  We just said goodbye like before / but this time you're the first one out the door...  A good ol' fashioned western swing-type shuffle with twangy guitar - the kind of song that Ray Price would have recorded (wish he had - I'd be a lot richer now).

The Barstools Are Getting Higher (2:56):  Once I was the king of barstool mountain / I'd climb it every night, come what may...  Slow country weeper about a man who's lost his lady and now the drinking doesn't seem quite as much fun as it was. Thanks to my buddy Randy for the title/idea.

Ex-Darling Blues (2:12): She used to be nice, she used to be sweet / she used to give me lovin' that would knock me off my feet...  A cry-in-your-beer song with a danceable beat.  No drums, no bass, no backup vocals... just me and my acoustic guitar with a fun little country-blues song I wrote a few years back.

Once Around The Dance Floor Instrumental (3:04): Just a nice, nostalgic, mellow guitar instrumental in a country shuffle. Twin guitar leads for a bit of harmony over the walking bass. This one is kind of old-fashioned and romantic but I understand that they haven't quite made that a crime yet.

Drive-In Blues (2:47):  Took my girl to the drive-in, she went out for a snack / she must have lost her way, 'cause she's still not back...  Okay, I admit it. I'm a "child of the fifties".  I love fifties ballads and rock'n'roll (why did they have to eliminate the "roll" part|?). This is my slightly warped take on a typical fifties ballad about lost love.

Oh Lord A'Mighty (3:01): Oh Lord a'mighty, look what's happened to me...  Lighthearted falling-in-love song with a toe-tapping beat.  I'm not sure exactly what category it fits in but it's sort of early 50s/rock'n'roll or rhythm and blues with an updated lead guitar from the sixties. Is that confusing enough? Listen and see what I mean.

Lone Frog Blues (2:57):  And now for something completely different. This ain't country and this ain't fifties. This is the blues, pure and simple - an upbeat instrumental with hot blues guitar.  This highlights another aspect of "Ultimate Honky-Tonk".  I figured, why release a country album and then a blues album, when I can combine all the parts of my music in one album the way I do in a live performance. Hope it works.

Bucket-Hole Blues (3:08): My bucket's got a hole in it / I can't buy no beer... Of course, I didn't write this one. Here's my rockabilly-tinged version of the much-recorded "My Bucket's Got A Hole In It".  It's sometimes done as blues, sometimes country and it's even been done as rock'n'roll a time or two.

Bourbon Street Stroll (3:20): Slow, languid New Orleans-style rhythm 'n' blues instrumental. Different guitar tones, distorted lead and a whole lof of soul.  It IS possible to strut slowly!

CC Rider (3:26):  I'm goin' away baby, I won't be back 'till fall...  A Dusty take on an old traditional blues, also known as Easy Rider. Laid-back blues shuffle with additional lyrics from various blues songs.

It's Over (5:29):  It's over / all I can do is sit and cry...  Slow, sad blues in a loving tribute to the guitar and vocal style of the late, great BB King.  I don't pretend to be anywhere near as good as the King but I love playing this kind of stuff.  Slow walking bass and tasty lead guitar.

Honky-Tonk Days album | Dusty Woods.

"Honky-Tonk Days" album arranged, performed, and produced by R.J. "Dusty" Woods.  "My Bucket's Got A Hole In It" and "CC Rider" traditional; arrangement ©2012 Ronald J."Dusty" Woods, all rights reserved.  All other songs ©2012 Ronald J."Dusty" Woods, all rights reserved.  This compilation ©2012 Ronald J. "Dusty" Woods, all rights reserved.  Manufactured and distributed by R.J. Woods Productions.  Graphics ©2012 Jeri-Lynn Woods, all rights reserved.  Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.  Made in Canada.

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