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"Gypsy Blues" is the blues side of the double album "50", helping Dusty celebrate 50 years as a performer!  Dusty wrote the title song in honour of his Telecaster, "Gypsy".  

A smorgasbord of blues styles from funky (2B2 Funky) to country-blues (Stage Door Blues) to a jazz-blues waltz (Rising Sun Blues).    

Gypsy Blues Album: $12.00 Canadian ($10.00 US)

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Gypsy Blues Vocal (2:41): Step inside a gypsy caravan / tell me my future, 'cause I'm a lonely man…  Rather spooky-flavoured slow blues with unusual intro and tasty lead guitar.  Inspired by Dusty's Telecaster, "Gypsy".

2B2 Funky (3:28): Mid-tempo, funky blues instrumental with a touch of nastiness. Funky fuzz guitar
with basic rock structure.  This one is actually a twist on a country song that Dusty wrote called "B-22"!

Black Alley Blues (3:26): There's a rumble in Black Alley / at least there's gonna be... Play it loud!  Mean 12-bar blues with belligerent vocals and a wicked fuzz tone to the guitar.

Merci Beaucoup Blues (3:09):  You went away and left me way back when / now you want to come back and try it again... Lighthearted, jazzy blues vocal about that lost love wanting to give it one more

Evil Wah-Man (4:01): Down and dirty extended blues instrumental with a funky beat and amazing wah-wah guitar.  Who says guitars can't talk?  

Rising Sun Blues Instrumental (6:00).  Otherwise known as "House of the Rising Sun", this intense blues-rock instrumental proves that a song done in waltz time doesn't have to be wimpy. Extended slow jazz-blues with a powerful but melodic lead guitar.

Havana Blues (4:17): Extended Latino blues instrumental with a rough edge and a driving beat.  Blues music with an attitude.  Has a touch of Santana (I hope).

Good Love Gone Bad (2:59): Moody, slinky blues instrumental combines a touch of meanness with a feeling of regret.  Very tasty lead guitar.

Blueswalk (4:05): Tasty, laid-back extended blues instrumental with notable walking bass. Has a cool, almost insolent tone.

I Found A Girl (3:05): I found a girl and she has got such tender ways / I'm looking forward to much better days…  A loving tribute to some of the early '60s R&B vocals.  Fifties-flavoured blues/R&B with hopeful vocal and that distinctive Telecaster tone on the lead guitar.

Stage Door Blues (3:57): I'm flattered that you waited / outside the stage door just to talk to me...  Acoustic blues with ironic vocals and a country flavour, about a traveling musician dealing with his
fans.  Another side of life on the road.

Gypsy Blues Instrumental (2:42). Rather spooky-flavoured slow blues with tasty lead guitar. A little different feel than the vocal version.

Gypsy Blues album | Dusty Woods.

"Gypsy Blues" album arranged, performed, produced, manufactured, and distributed by Ronald J. "Dusty" Woods.  "Rising Sun Blues" based on "House of the Rising Sun", traditional; arrangement ©2009 Ronald J. Woods, all rights reserved.  All other songs ©2009 Ronald J. Woods, all rights reserved.  This compilation ©2009 Ronald J. Woods, all rights reserved.  Graphics and graphic design ©2009 Jeri-Lynn Woods, all rights reserved.  Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.  Made in Canada.

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