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Review: As Long As There's A Jukebox (1)


Dusty has been performing his blend of blues and country for well near forty years, and it shows!  His songs seem simple on a first take, but with repeated listens you can hear the reason this style of Country Western music has been so popular since its beginnings.

I really like listening to classic country because it was so much simpler in style and lyric.  Dusty sings of love wryly . . . “Just as long as there’s a jukebox / And someone to hold her tight / She may not be gone forever / But she’s sure gone for the night / Just as long as she’s still happy / I’ll keep buying the wine / And we’ll drink a toast boys / to the lady who was mine”.  He also sings of lost love: “I still believe she used to love me / But that was once upon a time / You know nothing works forever / When two hearts are on the line”.  He handles his subject lightly but still manages to make the listener feel the pain of loneliness.

The music is top notch with the bass following a simple blues line and the guitar coming in only as much as is needed to accent the music – not too little or too much.  The gentle flow of the song keeps you in tune and also holds your interest on the lyrics.

This is a must hear for country fans, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in hearing a song that doesn’t try to be what it’s not.  This is a song for anyone who’s ever been lonely and lost at love, the perfect song for a lonely night.

Charisma: 7.50
Technical Skill: 7.50
Structure: 7.50
Interest: 8.00
Lyrics: 8.00
Performance: 7.50
Arrangement: 7.50
Recording Quality: 8.00
Long Term Appeal: 8.00

Review at Gods of Music (the rating is out of 10)

Review: Traditional Country

Just wanted to comment on your music.  Very refreshing “Traditional Country”, a welcome change to the rock remakes being played on the radio these days.

Brian W. of MP3.com

Review:  Real Country / Too Old To Boogie


…Dusty’s songs (of which there are many on Besonic) are his strength.  Not the production, or arrangement or instrumentation.  lazlo does not approve of Dusty’s use of a drum machine in this context, but on the other hand, it’s mixed so far back that lazlo’s ears tell him that it’s just a really shy drummer who isn’t sure he wants to be heard, so we just concentrate on the bass, guitars and voice.  The voice, now there’s a thang.  lazlo doesn’t know if there’s such a beast as a definitive “country” male vocal sound, but if there is, then this one must come pretty close.  Rounded, deep and drawlingly laid back.  The guitars are twanged as they should be (lazlo detects telecasters) and the bass playing dexterous and fluid.  But hey, this is country, and as they should, Dusty’s lyrics tell stories.  Check out “too old to boogie”.  It’ll come to us all.

Review by lazlo on BeSonic.com

Review: A Fan Speaks

The tape is wonderful… I was very surprised and absolutely thrilled that Dusty autographed my copy.  It is one of my most valuable treasures.  I am a FAN of his… He is very good at what he does and gifts like that are to be treasured.  God has smiled upon him.

Jan N., a fan in Michigan.

Review: The Sound Of Lonesome (1)

DUSTY’S VOICE REMINDS ME A BIT OF JOHNNY CASH in its deep resonance, a bit of Merle Haggard in his inflection and a bit of Vern Gosdin in the touch of nasal twang to some of his singing.  The guitar work reminds me a little of Merle, too.  “The Sound of Lonesome” might not appeal to fans of the slick new pop country being churned out of Nashville, but fans of the old outlaw sound won’t want to miss this excellent tune.

Country review by Mark Shull

Review: Country The Way I LIke It

I think it is country the way I like it.  You have a good country voice.  It kinda puts you in a retrospective mood.  The song writing is good, simple, sad soulful like country was back in the day.

Frogman, MP3.com

Review: The Sound Of Lonesome (2)

AS USUAL, DUSTY’S SONGWRITING ABILITIES SHINE WITH THIS SONG.  His vocals have a quality that just make you feel comfortable listening.  The stories he tells hit home and are told in a straight forward way.  This remix is very good.  All instrumentation is well balanced.  The bass part comes through particularly well.  I have to confess a little ignorance of the genre, but assuming a quick 4/4 here, as a personal preference, I kept wanting to hear the snare hit on 2 and 4 instead of 3 (thinking it would “drive” the song a little more), but again, that’s just my opinion and it does work as it is.  The guitar work is exactly as it should be for this song, spicing it up with cool country licks and complementing the vocals perfectly.  An all around great song to listen to.  Nice work Dusty.

Review of “The Sound of Lonesome” by Bob Porri

Review: Songwriting / The Best Thing (I'll Never Do)

Just wanted to tell you that I love your music.  I became a big fan of country music around 1980 when I became so sick of disco and ballads that were being played on the rock stations.  I got into country music in a big way, but that started to change, too.  I finally gave up and turned to classical.  But that’s not why I’m writing to you.  I think you are a very fine songwriter, and I’m particularly fond of “The Best Thing I’ll Never Do”.  I’m also a music historian, and this is a great lyric in the tradition of the old Tin Pan Alley boys.

Tracy D., a fan

Review: Country-Western Honky-Tonk

ABOVE-AVERAGE COUNTRY-WESTERN WITH AN OVERALL HONKY-TONK SOUND AND SPORADIC HIGH-LONESOME BITS.  There’s also some of that drugstore-truck drivin’ man feel to his traditional songs.

Eric S. of Listen.com

Review: As Long As There's A Jukebox (2)

SONG: “AS LONG AS THERE’S A JUKEBOX” – Reminds me of the original man in black, Johnny Cash.  Nice hook for the chorus!  Love the Telecaster solo!.

Well Dressed Punk Web-zine

Review: Mom Loves It Too

…ended up checking out your husband’s site also.  I even played some of his music!  It’s really good!  As I was checking out songs of Dusty’s my Mom came in, so I had to play a whole bunch of them for her!  She wants to buy one of his CDs!  She loves it!!!

email to Mrs. Dusty from Theresa in Vermont.