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"On The Blue Side" is Dusty's premiere blues album.  Take a trip on the blue side of life with originals like RJ's Blues (jazz-flavoured instrumental blues), plus new takes on a couple of traditional blues songs like Sitting On Top Of The World.  

Uptown or downtown, everybody gets the blues sometimes.  

On The Blue Side Album:  $12.00 Canadian ($10.00 US)

Click on any SONG TITLE to hear that track.  Ready to buy?  Download the Order Form  (or download the full Catalogue to have all the album info in print form).    

Sitting On Top Of The World (3:57): No use runnin', holdin' up your hand / Find me a woman like you found a man…  Like this traditional blues song, life doesn't always make sense.  Dusty's driving blues-rock take on an old traditional blues.

Love Slides Away (3:00):  Smooth & silky blues instrumental, slow and sensuous with a touch of regret and notes that slide away like a lost love.  

Rising Sun Blues Vocal (7:29): Now there is a house in New Orleans....  House of the Rising Sun as an extended slow jazz-blues waltz.  Smokin' lead guitar with an atmospheric yet understated vocal.

Blues Etude in A Minor (4:38): This one stays with you.  Moody, sultry instrumental blues with a Latin feel.  Reminiscent of Santana or early Fleetwood Mac (when they were still playing blues).

You Think You've Got The Blues (3:45): You've never been hungry, never been alone / you've never been out on the street without a home… She never had to lift a hand in her life, but she thinks she's got the blues.  Raw blues music with a beat and a bite!

RJ's Blues (3:50): Slinky, laid-back jazz-blues instrumental, B.B. King style. The Tele really talks on this one!

On The Blue Side (3:13): Black cat howling in the alleyway / the middle of the night, no sign of day... At last, the title track of the album.  Sophisticated jazz-blues with very interesting film noir imagery.  Slow and sad and a little spooky - where dreams go to die.

Shake That Thing (2:24): You gotta shake that thing if you want to get along with me… Warning!  This song is NOT politically correct.  Fast and fun bragging blues.   Lively boogie bar-band sound.

Bending The Blues (3:16): Medium-slow, funky blues instrumental with a touch of melancholy.  Lots of string bending over a complex bass line.

Wailin' At Midnight (4:37): When it's midnight even the denizens of the dark get the blues!  Gritty and mournful instrumental, rough-edged with a driving bass line.

Last Call Blues (4:07):   Extended cocktail-lounge instrumental blues, understated, with a nice beat.  Is it blues?  Is it jazz?  Guess it's all in how you hear it.

St. James Infirmary (3:44). Let her go and God bless her / wherever she may be...  And to finish the album off, an old traditional blues.  Slow, mournful and gritty guitar instrumental with just a little vocal where needed for an eerie effect.

On The Blue Side album | Dusty Woods.

"On The Blue Side" album arranged, performed, produced, manufactured, and distributed by R.J. Woods.  "Sittin' On Top Of The World", "St. James Infirmary", "Rising Sun Blues" traditional, arranged by R.J. Woods.  All other songs © 2003 R.J. Woods, all rights reserved.  This compilation ©2003 R.J. Woods, all rights reserved.  Graphics ©2003 Jeri-Lynn Woods, all rights reserved.  Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.  Made in Canada.

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Download the Order Form (or the full Catalogue to have all the album info in print form).  Fill out the order form and mail it in with your payment.  

Orders are shipped within 1 business day of our receiving them.  Shipping is by Canada Post and takes from 2-10 days within Canada, or 2-5 weeks to US/International addresses.  You'll find full details on the Ordering Information page.