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Honky tonk musician Dusty Woods was born in Vancouver, BC. He has performed across BC, Alberta, Ontario, and parts of the US for many years. A life-long supporter of honky-tonk music in all its forms, Dusty combines a distinctive musical style with a unique guitar sound (using his Telecaster, “Gypsy”).   Dusty now hangs his hat in Digby, Nova Scotia.

Dusty’s years on the road as a bar-band performer have been quite an education for him. Find out more about his road history, including an interview with the artist, on  Dusty's Bio page.  And don't forget to visit Dusty's Blog!

Dusty’s music has been online for many years, too. See what online reviewers have been saying about Dusty’s music (and find out what his fans have to say, too) on  Dusty's Reviews page.

Not content with just performing, Dusty started writing songs early on, and has recorded over 300 original songs and instrumentals. His experience in performing gives his original music an authentic flair not often found nowadays. Dusty’s music has been licensed to appear in movies, websites, corporate e-cards, computer games, and instructional videos through his production company, R.J. Woods Productions.


Dusty’s website is a joint effort: Dusty provides the music and ideas, and his wife, Jeri-Lynn
Woods, provides the photos, graphic design, and website design through her own company, Dustwood Media.  


Dusty's music is produced and distributed by Dusty's production company, R.J. Woods Productions.  Visit the company site at www.rjw-stock-music.com for more details.

Honkytonk music man Dusty Woods with his Telecaster, "Gypsy".

Dusty and his Telecaster, "Gypsy"


©1998, R.J. "Dusty" Woods

Gather round and listen, 'cause I've got a tale to tell
It's all about a lonely man,  I'm sure you know it well,
He's here, he walks among you, though you might never know,
His pride won't let him let the teardrops show.

He gambled all and lost it all, and wound up all alone
He never thought this barroom would become his second home
Now he needs a song to tell him how love can be so cruel,
There stands the jukebox, here stands a fool

I wish that I could tell you how my story ends,
How the fool finds a brand new love and how his poor heart mends,
But the story's far from over, it just goes on and on,
He's here tonight but the one he loves' still gone.

It's not a happy ending, ah but that's the way it goes
How many other broken hearts are here, God only knows
So spend those quarters, play those songs, cause here the heartaches rule,
There stands the jukebox, here stands a fool
There stands the jukebox, here stands a fool.

(“There Stands The Jukebox” from Dusty’s “The Sound Of Lonesome” album)

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