Reflecting on the light side and the dark side of the life of a road musician, this album moves through the moods of country music, from light-hearted "party" music like "Tele-Pickin' Bandit" to humourous songs to lovin' and losin' and the pain of the musician's life ("The Road").  Country rock, Canadiana, rockabilly, comedy, country weepers and more. 

Listen for flavours of Ricky Scaggs, Jerry Reed and George Jones. 

Released in 2009 as the country side of the double album "50" to commemorate Dusty's 50th year as an entertainer. This album is dedicated to the members of the Brotherhood of Telecaster Bandits (the BTB) still out there on the road picking and trying hard to grin.  

"Tele-Pickin' Bandit" album produced, manufactured, and distributed by Dustwood Media.  "Crawdad", traditional song arranged, performed and produced by R.J. "Dusty" Woods, arrangement ©2018 Jeri-Lynn Woods, all rights reserved.  All other songs written, arranged, performed, and produced by R.J. "Dusty" Woods; all other songs  ©2018 Jeri-Lynn Woods, all rights reserved. Graphics ©2018 Jeri-Lynn Woods, all rights reserved.  Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.  Made in Canada.
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