Honky-Tonk Music From Dusty Woods

Dusty Woods passed away on September 8, 2017.  He is sorely missed, but his music lives on.  This website is dedicated to keeping Dusty's legacy alive.

You can download all of Dusty's albums here and at Dusty's BandCamp site.

Mrs. Dusty (Jeri-Lynn Woods, owner of Dustwood Media.)
The Ultimate Honky-Tonk music of Dusty Woods has its roots in years of bar-band experience.  Shaped
by country, blues and rock 'n roll influences such as Lefty Frizell, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie
Cochran, BB King and Muddy Waters, Dusty was always a strong supporter of genuine honky-tonk,
from traditional country to blues. Some musicians make you want to dance - Dusty makes you
GOTTA dance!

You can download all of Dusty's albums - and individual tracks - here and on Dusty's Bandcamp site.

Dusty's Country

Dusty's classic honky tonk country music was shaped by early country and rock 'n roll influences such
as Hank Williams, Lefty Frizell, Faron Young, Ray Price, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Eddie
Cochran.  Dusty was always a strong supporter of traditional country music - from classic honky-tonk
country to outlaw with hints of rockabilly and even blues.
Satisfy your taste for honky tonk country music with Dusty's albums!  For example:
Rockabilly (Blue Alberta Moon)
Country weepers (The Sound of Lonesome),
Honky-tonk shuffles (Next Time for Sure)
Country rock (I Understand),
Cry-in-your-beer country (Incredible Drinkin' Man)
Country boogie (Too Old To Boogie).
A DUSTY SAMPLER VIDEO:  A sampling of Dusty Woods and his honky-tonk country music - songs from Dusty's "The Sound Of Lonesome", "Too Old To Boogie, Too Young To Die", "Straight Up, No Rocks", and "Patchwork" albums.

Dusty's Blues

There's more to Dusty than just country!  Dusty always felt that blues and country are closely related, despite the differences in feel (compare This Side Of Lonesome and Stormy Blues - different approaches, but the heart-cry is the same).

Dusty's early blues influences included BB King, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, and Sonny Terry.  He relied on his Telecaster, "Gypsy", for some really tasty blues licks.  

From blues instrumentals like Love Slides Away to blues vocals like You Think You've Got The Blues, this is the place for you to get the blues!

Dusty Who?

Dusty Woods was a seasoned performer who appeared across western Canada and in the US.   He last hung his cowboy hat in Nova Scotia, where people still love music!  

Dusty spent years on the road, cooking in an electric frying pan, hauling his own equipment, playing in bars and honky-tonks.  

Besides performing in bands, Dusty was a prolific songwriter and talented guitarist.  The author of over 200 songs, Dusty wrote, recorded and produced seven country albums and three blues albums, all of which you will find here.  

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Dusty's Telecaster guitar, "Gypsy".
Dusty on stage.
Dusty on stage - Canada Day, Trail BC.
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