The Dusty Woods Story, Part 2

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Just a note about the last post to update about the Turbulents… Jack became a vet and owns his own animal hospital, Greg went on to become a Rhodes scholar and a professor of anthropology.  I spent 50 years playing country music in low bars.  I still have to wonder where they went wrong.

Anyway, after the Turbulents I bummed around playing accordion in a jazz band (believe it or not, the band leader’s name was Larry Gotobed!), playing lunch hour concerts with a troupe that included a contortionist and a little girl whose mother thought she’d be the next Shirley Temple, and eventually joining a series of small teenage bands, the names of which I’ve mercifully forgotten (except for the Vampires and the Grains of Time).

That last one (the Grains of Time) played an outdoor stage at the Pacific National Exhibition and backed up a go-go girl contest.  Guess my sense of humour got the best of me though… one poor girl got up to dance just as I started “House of the Rising Sun”.  Not, perhaps, the best song for a go-go dancer.

An early Dusty promo photo.

An early Dusty promo photo.

The Vampires didn’t last too long but we did play a couple of dances at the YMCA.  We decided we didn’t belong there when (during the second dance) a guest lecturer from the local cops gave a talk about various drugs and one of the fellows in the audience asked, “Is it true that you can become addicted after one shot of marijuana?”  When we finished laughing, we quietly packed up our instruments and left.

Next time I’ll tell you about the many adventures of my longest lasting band, Easy Toe (I’ll explain the name too).

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