The Dusty Woods Story, Part 2 1/2

I know I promised the next episode in our continuing adventure would cover my time in Easy Toe, but I have to interject a note or two about a couple of bands that came before the mighty Toe.

“Sam” was a band I played with for a good long while around 1970 or thereabouts.  We chose the name after laughing at an episode of the Dick Van Dyke show where someone said, “You can trust a man called Sam”.  We immediately started saying, “You can trust a band called Sam” and so the name stuck.  We played a fair number of small-time gigs in the Vancouver area and even did a road trip to the bustling entertainment centre of Merritt (BC for all you non-BCers).

Gypsy Blues album cover.But before Sam, there was the “Black Alley Blues Band” that played the coffee house circuit in the late ’60s.  I played some lead, did some vocals and backed up the harmonica player who played a passable impression of Sonny Terry (look him up on YouTube – it’s worth the effort).  For some unknown reason, I was called “Red Dog” Woods (no, I don’t have red hair), probably because we all felt we had to have blues names of some sort.  I wound up getting fired when I bought a fuzz pedal.  Guess they thought I was getting too far into rock (they were purists).   Anyway, out of that I managed to write a song called “Black Alley Blues” which survived to the present day and went on my 3rd blues album, “Gypsy Blues”.

Next time I promise I’ll get to my Easy Toe years – unless something else comes up.  See you then.

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