The Dusty Woods Story: Easy Toe?

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About the time I got into my mid to late 20s, I met up with a fellow named John.  John was into country music in a big (but amateur) way and we started singing and playing guitars together.  He sounded a little like Buck Owens and I found I could harmonize with him easily.  We went to a few jam sessions as a duo and got a little notice in the Vancouver area.

Eventually, we decided to form a band.  For a name, we thought we’d name it (sort of) after a local trailer rental company called Easy Tow and maybe get a discount on a trailer to haul our equipment.  Didn’t happen, but we kind of liked the name.  So “Easy Toe” was born.

We recruited a bass player and a drummer and started playing around the local Legions and such.  We became probably the favourite band of several Legions and were booked solid for weeks at a time (mostly weekends).  John and I were both working day jobs so some of the gigs (especially the ones out away from the city) were a little tiring.  Still, the band survived through several personnel changes and carried on for several years.

Telecaster.One day, we played a daytime concert at a local summer camp and John, for unknown reasons, didn’t show up.  As showtime got closer, I had to step up and sing lead.  Fortunately, I knew most of the songs well enough to fake it.  After that, I led the band and did the singing and lead playing.  Up until then, I’d mostly stayed in the background with my bands.  So I guess I owe my later career all to John (wherever the booger went).

Easy Toe lasted into my college years (I went as a “mature student” in my late 20s), followed by a brief hiatus while I tried to live a “normal” life and even became a teacher for about a year.  But that’s another story.

We’ll continue this saga (maybe) later.  Thanks for reading.

[PS – my technical assistant/bookkeeper/wife just checked online, and it appears that Easy Tow is no more.  Guess they gave up in despair when the band disbanded…]

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