Look What They’ve Done To Our Songs, Ma

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Do you love country music?  Or do you prefer what Nashville is trying to palm off on us these days?

Remember when a country song told a story – or had feelings? Does it seem that modern country is mostly songs about getting laid?  Remember when country singers could sing and nobody had heard about auto-tune?

Do you miss hearing George Jones, Hank Williams and Waylon Jennings on the radio?  You are not alone!

Dusty Woods Band 2008.

Real country music…

I’ve been a country singer/songwriter for more years than I care to admit to.  I’ve sung in honky-tonks and little bitty halls mostly all over North America.  I sing country.

Real country. Now, with the internet it’s possible for people who love the real thing to get together and for guys like me to finally reach all the listeners out there with some of my own songs.  I promise that they’re as country as apple pie (or cow pies).  The songs I’ve written tell about the things that made country what it used to be – hearbreak, drinking and even the good times.  Mostly, they’re about my life.

They’re real.

By the way, you don’t have to be my age to enjoy and love country.  You don’t have to be from any particular place.  A real country song can reach anybody.  I know.  I’ve played to audiences that included everyone from little kids to folks even older than me (hard to believe, ain’t it?).  I’ve had songs played on the radio in Europe and been featured on websites in Japan.  Country is about as universal as breathing.

So in the next little while, I intend to talk a little more about real country and what it means to me – and to a lot of folks who feel left out by all the “new country”.

Hope y’all will come along with me for the ride – it should be interesting.

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