Gimme That Ol-Time Country

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Dusty WoodsSomebody once asked me, “Do you think real country music will ever be a big craze again?”  My honest reply was, “Lord I hope not!”  I know that sounds opposite to what I’m supposed to think, but let me explain….

We survived (barely) that whole Urban Cowboy thing years ago but it was a near thing.  If you’re old enough to remember that whole time period you, like me, may still have nightmares about lawyers and doctors wearing boots and jeans, yelling “Yee haw” and (shudder) line dancing.

That whole era started innocently enough but lead to a drastic watering down of country music.  While I like and respect people like Carol Channing, I have no desire to ever hear her singing a quasi-country song. again.

When any musical genre becomes trendy everyone jumps on the bandwagon with, at best, humorous results.   I’d much rather keep real country (and honky-tonk, blues etc.) something that only those who truly love it listen to or play.

Now, I can hear you from here saying, “But isn’t that elitism?  Why exclude people?  Bigger crowds mean more money”.  Let me put it this way… I’d rather play all night for 20 happy, dancing honky-tonkers than play an hour for a bunch of trendies who’re just there because it’s the “in” thing – even if playing for the trendies meant more money.  Guess I’m just getting kind of crotchety in my old age.

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