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Melody? What Melody? or, Yes, But Can You Hum It?

It’s funny what simple, accidental things can trigger a thought (or a blog post).  I was sitting in the living room and heard a song being played on my wife’s computer in the next room.  The song was “How Great Thou Art” by Alan Jackson and I couldn’t make out the words but recognized the melody instantly. This triggered the… Read more »

The Dusty Woods Story: Easy Toe?

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About the time I got into my mid to late 20s, I met up with a fellow named John.  John was into country music in a big (but amateur) way and we started singing and playing guitars together.  He sounded a little like Buck Owens and I found I could harmonize with him easily.  We went to a few jam… Read more »

The Dusty Woods Story, Part 2 1/2

I know I promised the next episode in our continuing adventure would cover my time in Easy Toe, but I have to interject a note or two about a couple of bands that came before the mighty Toe. “Sam” was a band I played with for a good long while around 1970 or thereabouts.  We chose the name after laughing… Read more »