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Real honky-tonk - Dusty Woods in the Cariboo.


Dusty Woods was born in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, and has toured around western Canada, Ontario, and parts of the U.S.  

Dusty has been performing in bands since his early teens.  One of his earliest experiences was playing accordion in a jazz band (of course, all musicians must suffer to be authentic!).  He played in a number of country and rock bands, always honing his craft, learning stagecraft from more experienced performers.

From his own Easy Toe band in Vancouver, to the Bob Regan show touring Alberta, to the Dusty Woods Band and a career as an online independent musician, Dusty has been entertaining audiences since he was in high school.  Dusty now makes his home in Digby, Nova Scotia, near the famous Bay of Fundy.

WHAT IS DUSTY’S MUSIC LIKE? Dusty calls his music “ultimate honky-tonk”.  Partly traditional country music, partly blues and 50s rock but all honky tonk country, Dusty’s music covers a range of moods and feelings (Click on a title to hear a sample):

Dusty’s years of doing honky tonk country, bar-band blues, and 50′s rock ‘n roll and doo-wah have their roots in his early influences, which include Hank Williams, Muddy Waters, BB King, Lefty Frizzell, and Buddy Holly.  Dusty’s music is flavoured with his own unique style.  Whatever he’s playing, Dusty has one rule: some musicians make you want to dance; Dusty makes you GOTTA dance!

SO HOW DO I GET TO HEAR THIS STUFF?    A listen is worth more than a look in music.  You’ll find samples to download throughout this website – just click on any song title link, like those above.

IS THIS A SNEAKY SALES PITCH?  Definitely.  Download the order form to order any of Dusty's albums - or download the catalogue for complete info on all the albums and songs.

Dusty Woods in the Cariboo (cowboy country in central BC)


(The following information is taken partly from Dusty’s Bio/Interview on the old Opry North website.)

“Looking back on your earliest experiences in the music industry what did you learn that made the most difference at that time?”

I learned how to entertain and how important it is.

“What two things would you say are the most important things to do or have to succeed to the level you’d wanted to?”

You’ve got to have determination (stubbornness) and the ability to treat music as a business.  Love it all you want but take care of business first.

“The world of press kits, promo shots, making contacts and networking may seem overwhelming to someone just starting out.  What’s the best advice you could give someone regarding getting all this sorted out?”

Find cheap or free alternatives at first.  Don’t go broke on peripherals.  Make your show top notch first.  The rest will follow.

“The team you choose to help out when things take off plays a large part in how stress free things become.  What qualities must you look for to be sure the person you’ve chosen is right for the team?”

Competence, honesty and loyalty.  I believe in finding the best people for a job and letting them do it.

“What, if any, preparation did you have to do to get started or advance?  Has there been vocal, dance, maybe business instruction along the way?”

No.  I learned by doing.  Mostly I worked for/with people who were better than me and copied every lick or joke or bit of stage craft I saw.

“They say to be good at what you do you have to keep learning.  What areas of the music business do you want to start learning more about next?”

I’d like to investigate some of that ‘fame & fortune’ stuff I keep hearing about.  Never tried it but I think I’m about ready.

“What did you discover about touring that you hadn’t expected?”

No matter how big your name is on the marquee you’ve still got to find a place to do your laundry.

“Any tips to make things run smoother?”

Always try to be friendly to the staff where you’re playing.  A good waitress who likes you is more precious than gold!


SO, IS THIS DUSTY TOO MUCH OF A BIG SHOT TO ANSWER MAIL? Nope!  Just email Dusty.  He will try to answer all mail (except the most abusive).  Let’s see Garth top THAT!

Dusty Woods, out standing in his field!

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Ultimate Honky-Tonk: Dusty's Bio.
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